eWick Organic Hemp Wick

$ 7.50

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eWick Is The ORIGINAL 100% Organic Degummed Hemp Fiber Vaping Wick

eWick Original De-gummed hemp fiber has been processed to remove lignin. Lignin is a product of the hemp plant which holds fibers together and gives the stalks their rigidity. When removed from the fibers, they begin to separate, becoming softer and finer. These fibers are now thin enough for spinning alone or blending with other fibers. De-gummed hemp fiber is soft and highly absorbent.

These fibers are what hemp fabrics are made out of, but a couple steps removed. They haven't been spun into thread and woven into cloth yet, but they have been cleaned, combed, etc, to create these silky-smooth fibers that are wonderful to touch and just amazing to work with

As with all wicking materials, the first saturation is most important. Let your ejuice completely absorb into the wick before firing up.  Once you get past the "break in period" which is usually around 10 good draws and re-saturation, then the wick will come alive with flavor and vapor.  The more you vape it the better it gets.  

Each 3x5 inch, 7 gram (net weight) bag is the equivalent of approximately 30 Japanese organic cotton squares.  It is MUCH more absorbent than cotton, and requires only half the amount of material that you would normally use to wick your atomizer.  It is EXTREMELY absorbent once saturated and will expand to twice the amount that normal cotton wicking materials will.