Juice Magnet Coils (Pair)

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"Okay, so i knew in my head what I wanted, so I went ahead and made a prototype "Juice Magnet" coil. Dude... This thing puts the Alien coils to shame! I'm only running a single coil, and the flavor out of this thing is nothing short of amazing!"

The above is the conversation I just had with a friend.  

Flavor, Flavor, Flavor!!!  Did I mention Flavor?

I have been an avid Alien coil junkie since I first tried them - this coil beats ANY Alien coil, hands down!

THESE COILS PERFORM THEIR BEST IN A 2 POST STYLE ATTY (VELOCITY, DOTMOD PETRI, ETC.) - THE BIGGER THE BETTER.  They also work quite nicely in the Goon, and are outstanding as a single coil in the Pharaoh.  3-post and 4-post atties don't offer the "real estate" necessary for these coils to perform at their optimum level.

I HIGHLY suggest that you order the Coil Conditioning with these coils - they can be a bear to tame, and are not the easiest to install if they're not pre-pulsed before shipping.  These coils are not "pretty" when they ship...  If you're looking for "coil porn", please do not purchase these coils.


Specs, variations, and more pics coming soon...

For immediate orders, please specify your desired resistance (per coil) in the NOTES section at checkout.

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