Polished Single Wire Coils (Pair)

$ 39.00

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Shiny, Happy, Pretty Coils!


Single wire polished coils are some of the Ultimate  "Coil Porn" builds.  Their beauty is what really attracts most people to these coils.  The polishing process is extremely labor intensive, consisting of 19 individuals steps (with a high pressure air bath in between each step) to bring your coils to a mirror-like finish.


The resistance and wire type that you choose will determine the number of wraps and Inside diameter of your coils.   Add Coil Conditioning if you would like these coils pre-fired and colored for you.


All of our coil pricing is per pair

The resistance options listed are per coil. You must divide that number in half for a dual coil build.

Please note:  There is a possible tolerance variation of +/-0.03Ω per coil.


Installation photos taken on a DotMod Petri V2 CLICK HERE  if you would like more information or to purchase one.


Some people ask me, "Phil, WHY are these coils so expensive???".  Well, the truth is that they're very labor intensive to make.  There are 19 steps to bring them to a TRUE mirror polish, not just a really shiny finish like you've seen others do.  First they're filed down to make the surface area as even as possible.  Then, they go through 18 different grits, ranging from 100 grit to 12,000 grit.  There is a high pressure air cleaning in between each grit, and the coils are finished with a bath in the ultrasonic cleaner once finished.  Which is good, because my arms usually need a rest after all that grinding and polishing.




ATTENTION: This product is for advanced users only! These coils are made to work with both mechanical mods and regulated mods. We are not responsible for any damages to you, your device, your immediate surroundings and/or any people, pets, or property due to incorrect installation. Please only purchase if you know how to install coils on RDAs, RTAs, and RBAs. Advanced mechanical mods and rebuildable atomizers are ONLY for experienced users. You MUST have detailed knowledge of Ohms law and understand proper battery usage safety protocols. Must use 2 or more batteries rated at a minimum 25 amp continuous discharge. By purchasing this product, you agree that PureCoils is not responsible for any damages arising from misuse, improper installation, or damage incurred from the end buyer from the use of this product.

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