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From The Original Dotmod Crew, Steezcake Is The Epitome Of What A Strawberry Cheesecake Juice Should Be!


Steezcake is a freshly baked homemade artisan cheesecake swirled in layers of ripe strawberries. The graham cracker crust gives you that extra depth, and a hint of whipped cream takes this juice to the next level of sweet and creamy.
Available In 60ml Glass Bottles
0, 3, & 6 mg
"This stuff is absolutely incredible. Everything that a strawberry cheesecake juice should be, and nothing more. Mild strawberry flavor with creamy cheesecake goodness and just a hint of graham in the background. You kinda have to look for it. Not overly sweet, the strawberry flavor is not that strawberry candy flavor that most juice companies use. You gotta try this stuff..."